Christ’s Authority

Today I was reading through Luke 4 and was struck by the pictures we get of Christ’s authority. I was tempted to keep reading but felt that I needed to stop and think more about this. At the end of Matthew, Jesus says “all authority has been given to me.” But what does it mean […]


Jesus’ message was revolutionary. Scratch that. Jesus was revolutionary. That’s our series this semester – exploring Jesus and his message and considering how we keep the revolution alive in our world and in our lives.

Canvas to Display Beauty of God’s Wisdom

I don’t know what comes to mind when you hear the word multifaceted or manifold. To me, multifaceted conjures up images of a boardroom and a presentation about diversifying a companies revenue streams, or a financial manager counseling his clients to develop a multifaceted retirement plan. Manifold, to me, is part of my SUVs internal […]

Is our orbit right?

Yesterday I read a statement I’ve read dozens of times before. It’s a pretty basic, non-controversial statement. It’s a truth I should know. But. I needed the reminder. “It is not God who exists for the sake of his creation; the creation exists for the sake of God. For, as Scripture says, He has created […]

The Goal of Education

I remember vividly a conversation I had with my mother in our kitchen in Endicott, NY circa 1992. I was a senior in high school and was in the midst of making decision regarding my educational future. I was not overly excited about college. In fact, I was going round and round with my mother, […]

A Summer Beauty Regimen

Recently, I’ve been thinking about holiness more than usual. One truth has really jumped out to me: There is a direct connection between holiness and the church’s (and the believer’s) witness is a strong one in both the Old and New Testaments. The holiness of God’s people is to be attractive and beautiful, an adornment […]

The [Dangerous] Appeal of Legalism

A while ago I had an epiphany while sitting in Starbucks discussing the book The Life of a God-Made Man with my good friend Aaron. It’s one that I need to remind myself of over and over again. I’ve enjoyed the book and our discussions together, but today I was mildly frustrated with a paragraph […]