About us

Quick Facts:

Students (mostly). IU and Ivy Tech. Grad and Undergrad.

Community, Worship, Teaching, Fellowship, & Dinner!

And community groups throughout the week!

at Christ Community Church:
503 S. High St., Bloomington, IN  47401

Sundays @ 6pm, during the school year.

Because your college years and early 20’s are hard. You shouldn’t go through them alone.

This is a grammar joke. Hahaha…*crickets*

Who Are We?

We are mostly students, undergrad and grad, that gather together Sunday nights for worship, fellowship, teaching and dinner.

We are the college ministry of Christ Community Church, a nondenominational church on the south edge of campus, with a heart for IU.

We are committed to growing together, serving the community, and integrating faith and life.

We are humble enough to know we don’t have all the answers; brave enough to ask the tough questions anyway.

Students Are Saying:

"The community here, the intentionality, the honesty and raw emotion, all the wonderful staff, the welcoming love of God shining through the church, the Holy Spirit moving throughout the sanctuary–it all drove me closer and closer to God.”
"I am so thankful for the many ways this church serves and has softened my heart to daily die to self and take up His cross.”
“…in this church I was accepted and cherished as a daughter of the King.”
“I came here five years ago trying to learn what being a Christian is really all about, and now I leave with my foundation for all of life as my personal relationship with Christ, my savior and best friend.”


Bob Whitaker

Bob is the senior pastor at ECC and teaches most weeks at Connexion. He has been serving Christ Community, Bloomington, and the IU campus for more than 20 years. He’s a husband, father of two grown children, teaches Sports History at IU, and is a die-hard Cubs fan.

Adam deWeber

Adam is Christ Community’s worship pastor and leads the Connexion band. Adam came in 2018 to serve as the worship pastor and be a part of Connexion. He and his wife Gretchen have three daughters. He’s a selfie junkie, and often drags others into his photos. Watch out!

Dan Waugh

Dan is the pastor of adult ministries and helps with administrative stuff and teaching. Dan came in 2005 and has worked with college students since 1997. He and his wife have three boys, two in high school and one at IU. He loves baseball and hard-rock music.