Yesterday I read a statement I’ve read dozens of times before. It’s a pretty basic, non-controversial statement. It’s a truth I should know. But. I needed the reminder.

“It is not God who exists for the sake of his creation; the creation exists for the sake of God. For, as Scripture says, He has created all things for Himself” – Abraham Kuyper

While I know the truth of this, I question whether or not I KNOW it. Has it penetrated my thought life? My prayers? The ways I view the church?

It is so easy to be pulled into a tiny little orbit by the gravity of self. When this happens, we’re become the center of our life, our prayers. Sin makes us believe we’re the center of all things. The gospel frees us to see that God is the center of the cosmos as well as the center of our own personal existence. By the gospel, we are freed from slavery to self and the idolatry of self. By the gospel we are freed for a bigger orbit. By the gospel we are freed to serve God and serve him through service to others, bringing him glory as part of his creation, and as a part of his new creation.

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